Puppy from us

A puppy from our kennel

If you want a puppy of Rhodesian Ridgeback, I would like to congratulate you because you would not find a better breed! But please, pay attention to these few lines.

First of all, I would like you to visit us personally so we can see your real interest in our puppy.

Our kennel does not sell puppies to people who want a guard dog to dog-kennel in their garden. Believe that this dog will protect you at home; he likes family and requires a permanent contact with you. This is very social and family breed, so without the contact with you he will be really unhappy.

We do not consider dog as an accessory and we demand the same from you!

Will you give him the care that this dog needs?

Next thing you should consider is whether you can take care of your dog when he is sick or old?

Please, do realize Rhodesian Ridgeback lives on the average 10 - 14 years and the whole time he will share your joy and worry; he will be always on your side and he will never voluntarily leave you. Will you leave him? Will you change him for another entertainment?

If you can reasonably answer, you could be an owner of your puppies!

And what will we arrange?

We choose reasonably and sensitively a stud dog. We take care about health, nature and external characteristics of this dog. We consult everything with experienced consultant of breeding and with long-time breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We always guarantee first-rate pedigree!

The sale of a puppy is just a beginning!

Lady dogs are for the whole life fed with high-quality feed, cooked or raw meat and vegetable.

I allow the first visit not before 3 weeks. The puppies are controlled by our main consultant of breeding a day after their birth. The next control comes in 6 weeks.

If needed, the puppies and her mother are fed with the best milk from Royal Canin. We take care of them 24 hours.

After three weeks, the puppies are weaned and they start with solid food the special feed for puppies and they are extra-fed with raw or dried beef meat.

The puppies are socialized and they grew up in family environment. We put emphasis on cleanness. The puppy is introduced to strange noises, people and unknown environment, so they are not timid.

The breeding service and consultancy about breed and exhibitions is the natural thing for the whole life! The puppies have a chip, tattoo, regular vaccination and are without worm. Every puppy has a EUpassport and equipment for beginning.

We look forward to your visits!