Maya Katama King

As I have already written, Maya was my first Ridgeback. She was my pleasure and my happiness. I hardly find words to describe our relationship.. Even she had her own head, I read her thoughts and I exactly knew what she was thinking. It was a huge tragedy when she suddenly left us 7th November 2011. You cannot prepare yourself for the death of your best friends, but this happened so quickly and unexpectedly. There are no words that could express such a loss. Maya, you were a big gift for my life! We cannot forget you and we all remember with love. You will always be the first; you will always be our loved girl.

Name: Maya Katama King
Mother: Julia Katama King
Father: Glenaholm Makatso, import South Africa
Colour: light wheat, without mask
Height: 66 cm (167 inches)
Weight: 36 kg (79 lb)
Examination DLK 0/0, DKK 0/0
Bite: scissors, all teeth

She successfully fulfilled breeding in 13th September 2009 in Prague.

Maya was descendant of a gorgeous dog Glenaholm Makatso, imported from Republic of South Africa. Makatso comes from one of the oldest breeding kennet of Rhodesian Ridgeback and in his pedigree you can find many successful dogs that became founders of breeding in many countries.

Maya had a beautiful correct ridge and straight colour of honey. Her nature was indeed wonderful. She was devoted to her family, obedient and well-brought-up. She loved children and company. Maya had a beautiful head and her body was absolutely symmetric. Although she was lively and full of vitality, she was easily revocable from other dogs. She loved drive in a car, to be hones I think cars are created for dogs and people use cars so they can move their pets from one place to another.

She was very successful on exhibitions. We can find many important and fruitful dogs in her pedigree. Maya was friendly and loved by others.